Who We Are

How was Divinum.wine born?

How was Divinum.wine born?

Our online shop was born from the project of Ilaria and Beatrice, two sisters who love cooking and drinking good wine.

How do we select the products of the Online Sale?

Ilaria and Beatrice are always looking for new producers with a “slow” philosophy and new tastings, which then end up under the careful test of Stefano, Sommelier graduated from A.I.S. Veneto Region, lover of good Italian food, who is always ready to provide the team with its infinite experience. Our passion for food and wine excellences that dot our beautiful country has always led us to know, discover and enhance small production realities that represent the typicality, authenticity and quality of the product and that are far from mass commercial logics.

If you are now here, it is because, like us, you love living life slowly and discovering a genuine part of Italy.

We are an Online Wine Shop

… but we don’t “every day sales“.

Surfing the net you will find an infinite array of e-commerces that offer new products or attractive promotional offers every day.
We are none of this.

The labels in the Divinum catalog are deliberately limited.

We want to give the right space to the producers we represent, certain of their quality and durability.

Our catalog will expand over time, slowly and gradually.
Our “slow” philosophy allows us to offer our customers only selected excellence and the best artisan producers.

The philosophy we pursue is to propose only realities that respect our canons:

  • Products from small non-mass productions;
  • With regard to wines, use of techniques in the vineyard and in the cellar which allow the connotation and naturalness of the wine to be kept as intact as possible;
  • Special products with a precise sensorial identification;
  • Products that have a fair quality / price ratio.

As surely as there is truth in wine
I’ll tell you everything, with no secrets.

– William Shakespeare

All the products offered on Divinum are the result of their own tasting experiences and knowledge of producers and typical production areas: for example, each wine has been savored, often for several years, and is the result of direct knowledge of the producer and his own working philosophies, never of the simple word-of-mouth or reviews read or received.

This is the reason why the labels proposed by our online shop are limited at first. They will expand over time, slowly and gradually: to provide our guests with only products that can fully and objectively reflect our philosophy.

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