Cantina Cà del Gè

Ca ‘del Ge farm is located on the Oltrepo hills in a renowned for its high wine vocation area, 300 meters above sea level on the 45th parallel. The company covers an area of 36 hectares of owned vineyards, in the municipalities of Montalto Pavese, where production is concentrated on white grape and Barbera, Cigognola and croatina and rare grapes find ideal climatic conditions.

The annual output is over 180,000 bottles and the entire production cycle, from the plant to the sale of the vineyard in the bottle, is taken care by the Padroggi family. The company, set in beautiful rolling countryside, is surrounded by its own vineyards with stunning views of the famous castle of Montalto Pavese.

The Padroggi family has a strong tradition in the world of viticulture Oltrepo ‘Pavese. The love for vineyard and wine, have meant that in 1985 Enzo Padroggi, the company’s founder, would create the brand Ca ‘del Ge’ to identify a line of highly qualified products. The company is entirely family run. To continue the ‘dream’ of Enzo and his wife Lucia are today’s their children Stefania, Sara and Carlo.

Much has been made to set both a qualitative breakthrough as regards the management of the vineyards as the wine-making techniques, combining the past with the latest knowledge in the field of wine. Increasing attention has been given to the environment and health of the consumer; that’s becasue the company has joined the P.S.R mis 214 – according to the Italian laws – to have a lower environmental impact.

Fertilization and the use of pesticides are reduced to the minimum, planting distances provide a greater number of plants per hectare. All this is aimed to lowering the yield per plant thus creating the best conditions to obtain the highest quality grapes.

The harvest is done entirely by hand and this allows to keep greater integrity of the grapes and to make a first selection. So, It proceeds to a soft pressing and a fermentation temperature control, which is essential to preserve the aromas. This is why the winery is equipped with modern stainless steel tanks designed to ensure better hygiene.

Awards & Winnings

Pinot Nero Metodo Classico DOCG got the bronze medal at the Decanter World Wine Awards in Londo , one of the world’s most important wine competitions.

5 gold medals won the national competition Douja D’Or of Asti, here are the winning wines: Pinot nero Campo del Lago 2014, Chardonnay frizzante 2014, Bonarda frizzante Bricco del Prete 2014 and Metodo Classico Pinot Nero Cà del Gè 2010.

The Drink Business London 2014
Pinot Nero Metodo classico Cà del Gè 2007 Docg Bronze medal

Our Pinot Spumante Metodo Classico DOCG 2007 Ca’ del Gè has gained recognition GOLDEN STAR in the guide.

Our Wines

Ca del Ge Muller Thurgau
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