A joyful case containing 2 packs of fine Tuscan Artisan Pasta “Truffle Pici”.

Origin: Italy

This pasta is made in a cutting-edge pasta factory, equipped with highly technological and cutting-edge machinery that guarantees accurate and totally controlled processing of the highest quality. Creating a product of excellence is the present and future challenge of Bertoli family.

Bronze-plated and dried at very low temperatures: this to maintain its high porosity and to preserve all its organoleptic characteristics. It is a slow and gentle process that respects the raw material and enhances it, giving the final product a natural consistency and an excellent cooking stability.

Slow drying, at natural temperature, is the essential difference: industrial-produced pasta is subjected to extremely high temperatures and dried very quickly.

The contraindication, however, is that in this way they “vitrify”, forming a sort of hard and waterproof shirt. When cooked, the dough – which is passed off as “al dente” – will always keep an uncomfortably hard layer on the outside, and cooking will never be uniform throughout its thickness. The waterproofness of the shirt will also make the absorption of the sauces problematic.

Natural drying requires more time, but it leaves the pasta the possibility of absorbing water in cooking in a more pleasant and uniform way and of blending superbly with sauces.

All features that these Pici Tartufati know how to fully enhance.


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